Thursday, January 14, 2021

January 13th

I took the day off to get some stuff done.

I went and got my eyes tested, and am now waiting for some new glasses.

I then took the car to get its 15,000 mile service.  They rotated the wheels (which I can't easily do myself, as there are only 4 of them - usually I involve the spare) and told me the cabin air filter needed changing.  Fine, I allowed that because a) I don't know where that filter is b) I don't have a filter to put in and c) it's January, I don't want to be working on the car.  So, in 2 years I've now spent just over $68 in servicing on the car.  They had a couple of new Corvettes there, with big signs saying "Please Do Not Touch," so I reckon they were already sold.

I went to the Harley Davidson dealer on the way home, to look at the Livewire.  They had 3, one in each colour, but being a Harley Davidson dealer, disappointed me... just like when I went in there to look at the Buells, if it isn't a Village People prop, they're not interested in talking to you about it.  Oh well.  Oh, and apparently they don't care about people ICEing their 2 chargers :o(

Sunday, January 10, 2021

January 10th

I got up early and flew over to Cameron Park.  It was really hazy, probably because I was flying towards the sun.

We dumped the gyro in Chris' hangar, and took the RV-6A up to Tahoe.

The restaurant there was closed, so we walked about a mile into town and got lunch at a cafe before flying back.

I packed myself up and flew back to Lincoln.  Towards the sun and haze again.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

January 9th

I picked Randy up, and we flew to Auburn to meet Chris for brunch.

Chris was playing around with his 360 camera, so we decided to fly back down the North Fork canyon.

I had my GoPro, so I shot a hyperlapse video on the way down.  We'll see what Chris managed to video, but he seemed to be having problems with the camera.

Monday, January 4, 2021

January 3rd

I started the day looking at the LiveSectional map again.  I just couldn't get it to connect t the network, even after several restarts.  Then I looked at the network and found the 2.4Ghz 802.11n was screwed up (I'm mostly using the 5Ghz 802.11ac). I restarted this and everything was fine.

Chris was going to meet me for lunch at 12:00, so I went out to the airport and took the plane out before that.

The weather wasn't great, but I was pottering out towards the river when I heard him approaching from the East, so I turned back.

The weather was still looking odd, so after lunch I just went home.

Vic had taken Tilly to the dog park for about 15 minutes (until Tilly wanted to go home again), so Tilly's spent the afternoon limping around on her sore joints.  Getting old sucks.

January 2nd

I went and bought a lot of gas for the planes, and picked Randy up.  We had hoped to see Chris, but the weather wasn't great, so we just had lunch at the Spitfire Grill.  We'd also hoped to fly, but the weather didn't get better as promised, so we just filled the planes and went home.

I tinkered around with my LiveSectional map, as it keeps freezing.  The problem seems to be the WiFi adapter isn't great, and it gets to the point where it can't get the updates.  I tried a couple of other adapters, but neither has the drivers in Raspbian, and I'm too lazy to build them myself.  I set up a little script to just test the network and restart it if there's a problem.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

January 1st

We didn't sleep too well, as Sun City had fireworks at midnight, and that set Tilly off.  She eventually ended up on the bed, snoring, but by then the damage was done :o(

So, new month, here are the stats:

Power billed
Power generated

I picked Randy up and we flew to Oroville for lunch - no tracks, as I think we were too low to show up :o)

Chris flew the RV-6A in, and took off as we landed, so we stood around for 35 minutes or so watching his progress on Flightradar until he landed.  He'd had some problem with his flaps, so we fiddled with that after lunch so he could get home OK.

December 31st

New Year's Eve.  Whatever.

We finally got around to hanging up my latest project, a LiveSectional map.  It's a proof on concept more than anything, as I used old maps that I had lying around (the new maps come out in February, so why buy the current ones that are going to be obsolete soon?)  We'd tried it in the dining room, but the WiFi didn't want to connect.

It still seems to have a few issues, but I'm working them out.