Saturday, April 4, 2020

April 3rd

I went and met Randy at the airport, and we flew up to Auburn to get a takeaway from the Wings restaurant and eat it on their patio.

It was pretty busy up there, and after lunch we flew home.

I went home and ran some drain cleaner through the sink to hopefully clear the remnants of yesterday's blockage.  Randy had some paramotor friends who were flying from Marysville to the Sutter Buttes, so we met at the airport about 30 minutes after they'd left, then took the planes and went and found them before heading home.

April 2nd

I went and braved Costco to see what they have.  I managed to get some puppy pads for the critter room and some Coke(tm) for Vic, but they were out of toilet paper (didn't need any, just wanted to see if they had some).

I went to the airport and tinkered around with the plane for a while, and when Randy showed up, we went for a quick flight.

I went home to unblock the kitchen sink, and Jen came over to play with Tilly and drop off ginger cookies.  We sat in the hot tub for a while, as I was shutting it down now it's getting warmer and we're not using it as much.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

April 1st

It's a new month, so here are the stats:

Power billed
Power generated

I'm off this week, so I went out to the airport and did some tinkering on the plane, then helped Steve pull out the SNJ and Rob's RV-14, then put the SNJ in the back and the RV in the front.

At this point, I took the plane out for a toddle around.  It was pretty thermally as everything's starting to warm up in the sun, and at one point I was suddenly climbing at 800' a minute, without doing anything.

I got back to the airport, and remembered I wanted to replace the drain hoses on the plane, so set about doing that with a hot engine (doh.)  Rob arrived, and I helped him weigh his RV, as he's aiming to get it inspected at the beginning of next week.  Once I'd got everything back together on my plane, I headed home.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

March 31st

The weather was starting to brighten up a bit, so I went outside and chopped more stuff off the shrub along the side of the house.  Once the green waste bin was full, I gave up.

After a rest, I went to the airport and went flying... nothing in particular, just pottering around.

March 30th

I'd taken the week off originally to try and go to the UK, but then had to cancel the second week because a cow-orker wanted the week to take his kids away (it's their spring break).  I kept the week anyway, thinking I could fly, so obviously the weather sucks.  I just sat in and caught up on some tidying up and videos online.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

March 29th

I started the day trying out the 4K TV as a monitor thing, and pretty much hated it.  The corners are too far away, so I ended up putting everything in the middle of the screen, and I couldn't get the brightness to where I was comfortable with it.  Also, 30Hz refresh on the screen is miserable, and that seems to be the fastest rate that the laptop can support.  So, having cleared everything out, we put the TV back on the wall in the bedroom, and I put my 2 monitors back on my desk.  Oh well.

I went and met Chris and Randy at the airport for lunch - there were a lot of clouds around, so I didn't feel I had to fly, so we just went to Mary's.  I did some fiddling with the power line to the transponder in Chris' gyroplane, and when he got home, he texted to say it worked just fine, so the problem is the fuse holder - that can be replaced pretty easily.

March 28th

I went to the airfield and tinkered with the plane (it was raining - Randy got out for 18 whole minutes).  I wanted to look at the dragging right brake, but found a bump on the tyre, so I ended up replacing that.  I also cleaned and re-oiled the air filter.  Other than that, I gave it a clean and headed home.

At home, I've been thinking about getting a curved TV to act as a single display, rather than have 2 monitors, so we took the TV off the wall in the bedroom, screwed its foot back on and put that on my desk.  It took a while to get everything working (my home desktop with a GTC1050Ti said "OK, I see that monitor", but my work laptop's UsB-C extended claims to not have the bandwidth for 2160p at 30Hz, so I ended up plugging the HDMI straight into that and having to generate a custom resolution for the driver.)  I'm on call tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes then.