Monday, January 22, 2018

January 22nd

Ambient Weather (the weather station manufacturer) and I swapped email, and the upshot is that it looks like I'll need to replace the sensor array, so I've ordered one of those.  Oh well.  My weather station is going to be down until that gets here, as the old array is in pieces on the table on the patio, so is only registering temperature and (incorrect) humidity.

January 21st

It was a bit gray and miserable, so I gave up on flying and took the weather station array down from the roof to replace the temperature / humidity probe.  I decided to test the new one before climbing back up on the roof, and I'm glad I did - it was reading 140F.  I put the old one back in, and it read correctly, then put the new one back in, and it read 140F again.  Ambient Weather (the manufacturer) had a few tips, so I recalibrated it down to correct and left it to see if it was any better - spoiler, it wasn't.

January 20th

Vic was supposed to be doing a tandem parachute jump, so we went over to the airport separately - I'd intended to fly the Flightstar, but it was a but blowy, so I stood around and talked until I took the gyroplane out with Ken again.  When we got back, Vic was waiting for us - he jump had been postponed because they'd just run out of daylight.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

January 19th

I had a comp day for being on call last month, so I went and took a blood test thingy for some health thing at work.  I then went to the airfield with the intention of taking the Flightstar out, but Ken suggested a lesson in the gyro, which went pretty well.  After that, I played with the static and pressure hose for the airspeed indicator on the plane - I think it's still reading high.  Again.

January 15th

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day, when Americans celebrate the civil rights pioneer by going shopping.

It was a bit too foggy to look at flying, so I didn't.  We did watch "Dunkirk" though.

Monday, January 15, 2018

January 14th

We got up early and went to Ocean Beach for bURNING Van 2018.  Ben's initial count is 159 vans :o)

Dave and Sam showed up and we walked the dogs on the beach, then I handed over some goodies and they headed home again.  We left around 15:30, and got home in time to be 20 minutes late for Tilly's supper.  She's very, very tired.

January 13th

I went over to the airport to cook burgers before the EAA presentation, then hung around looking at the clouds.  I had hoped to fly with Ken in the gyro, but all we could have done was circuits, so I ended up doing some circuits by myself, seeing as I was there and had nothing else to do.