Sunday, November 22, 2020

November 22nd

I met Randy at the airport, and we flew to Auburn to meet a bunch of people for breakfast.

After lunch we flew down the North Fork of the American River to Folsom Lake on the way to Cameron Park.

As always, the straight line is where we were under the ridge, so couldn't be seen.  We did see a sand bar that looks like somebody landed and took off there.

At Cameron Park, Chis and I did more work on his RV-6A, and Randy rode around on Chris' wheelie thing.  Hopefully he's pretty much done with his annual now :o)  We flew back to Lincoln before it got dark.

Back at Lincoln, I jacked the plane up and pulled a wheel off to get the bearing number so I can order new bearings while Randy rode around on his new wheelie thing :o)

November 21st

Nobody was about, so I managed to run some errands before going to the airport.  Randy had sent me pictures of my tyres on the plane being flat, so I went all ready to change the inner tubes.  Flat they were indeed, to the point where I had to put air in the tyres to get the jack under the plane to lift it up.  I discovered that the dust cover on one of the bearings had come away, so I guess I'll need to find new wheel bearings too.  I also cleaned and oiled the air filter, then went out for a flight.  I ran the canyon down Bear Creek, so there's a long straight line where the plane was invisible :o)

Monday, November 16, 2020

November 16th

I had the day off today - Friday was a company-wide "wellness day", but obviously we can't just shut down support to customers, so I got Monday off instead.

After tinkering around at home, I went and picked up Randy for lunch, then we went and looked at the planes.  Randy had balanced the pitch on his prop, so we checked mine and decided we'd probably make it worse if we tried to make it better - we're talking like 0.15 degree of difference here.  We then took the planes out to fly along the Feather River and up Bear Creek to see if the trees are changing colour yet - they're lighter green, but the oranges and reds aren't out yet.  We decided to run up the Bear Creek Canyon to almost Auburn, then head home... again, the straight line on the track is where we were under the lip of the ridges, so couldn't be seen by the ADS-B receivers :o)

Sunday, November 15, 2020

November 15th

I met Randy at the airport, then we flew up to Auburn to meet Vic (who drove) and Chris (who flew the gyroplane) for breakfast.

After breakfast, we flew down into the North fork of the American River and then up to Cameron Park.  The lines are straight, because we were below the lip, so the ADS-B receivers couldn't see us :o)

Chris and I worked on his RV-6A for a few hours, while Randy amused himself riding Chris' electric unicycle.

Before it got dark, we flew back to Lincoln... I deviated a little to fly over Chris' house, but Jackie didn't come out and wave, then we flew over Folsom Lake for a bit.

November 14th

The day started all foggy, and it didn't look like it as going to burn off particularly quickly.  Chris was gloating that the weather was great at Cameron Park, but I pointed out that he's 1000' above Roseville.  I drove over there to help him work on his RV-6A.  We seemed to make a fair amount of progress, but had to give up when it got dark.

Funnily the Bolt said I had 164 miles of range when I left Cameron Park (having driven uphill all the way there), but 168 miles of range when I got home (having driven downhill all the way).  The guess-o-meter that does the range bases it on your recent driving, so it was funny watching the range going up as I drove home :o)

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

November 9th

Randy got it into his head that his carbs needed to be rebalanced, so we went out to the airport and checked them.  They were fine :o)

In other news, it looks like winter's here.