Tuesday, June 2, 2020

June 2nd

Tilly got me up early this morning to go and throw up, and it was a small ball of rice.  She's still been eating grass, so we've decided to put a stop to that.  She's very much in favour of the rice and chicken though, and enjoyed the pumpkin baby food this morning.

I'm still a bit sore around my ribs, so I'll stay off the bike for a while.  It's supposed to hit 105F tomorrow anyway...

June 1st

A new month, so here are the stats:

Power billed
Power generated

I've had to do the calculations from my TED5000, as I can no longer read the little plastic screen on the inverter.  Still, they should be within an acceptable margin of error.

Tilly got me up a couple of times overnight to go and throw up, so I'm thinking she should be pretty much empty by now.  She threw up after a breakfast of just rice, too, poor ickle thing.  She's perfectly happy though, so we've just she'll be on a bland diet of rice and chicken, and sometimes pumpkin baby food (for the fibre) for a couple of days.  I also bought some oatmeal, for variety.

On my lunchtime bicycle ride, I crashed.  I didn't go back and see what I'd hit, as I was banged and scratched up a bit.  Still, I managed to ride home, albeit a bit slowly.  I'll probably be sore for a couple of days, and then maybe I'll try staying off some of the trails - they're always full of bloody people right now anyway.

May 31st

I went over to the airport and cleaned the plane while waiting for Randy.  We changed his rod end ball joints, and now, as far as I'm concerned, he's ready for his annual inspection - he can change his own damned oil.

We had lunch at the Spitfire, then Randy headed off home to put up his new TV.  I went back to the hangar and took the plane out for a quick flight... it was pretty windy, but there were a load of people in the pattern, making it interesting joining again to land.

Tilly's been throwing up today, and this evening she horked up a large, pinkish thing.  We're hoping that was the cause of all this, as she was instantly feeling better.  No idea what it was though.

May 30th

I started the day hacking the grass in the garden, and after pottering around, we went and met Chris for lunch, as he was in Roseville getting his guitar tuned.

After that, I went to the airport and took the plane out for a quick flight to beat the rapidly worsening weather.

There was a 172 doing circuits on runway 15 when I left, and the wind was blowing around 12mph from 250 - ie the wrong runway.  Still, I sucked it up and took off, but when I was on my way back, it was now 12mph at 260, so I called and suggested we use the correct runway, 33.  He agreed, and I said to sort himself out and I'd come in behind him.  The instructor then piped up and said it was more or less across the runway, so to use 15.  Fine, I'll do an overhead join and bitch about you later.  Oh no, as I was heading North to do the overhead join, I saw them stopped on the runway.  Then they called to say they were heading back to the hangar.  Sigh.  I did an extended base leg and landed on 33, then taxied back and put the plane away.  It threw it down on the way home, but when I got to Foothills Blvd, it was totally dry.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

May 25th

Today was Memorial Day, when Americans remember their war dead usually by going shopping, but this year it seems to be by whining about not being able to go shopping.

I went over to the airport early, and pulled one of Randy's carbs before he got there.  We replaced the inlet, the manifold and the diaphragm, then did the other side.

I'd guessed at 2.5 hours to do this, but it was before 10am when we finished, so he suggested we do his engine mounts.  So we did.  They were a fair amount more work, but we got them all changed out and were tidying up when Chris arrived.  The Spitfire Grille was closed, so we headed out - I went and collected Vic and met them at the sub place, where we had sandwiches before heading home.

I've managed to break my thumb nail high enough to cause it to bleed, meaning it hurts when I do anything requiring me to grip something :o(  Still, it's supposed to be over 100F for the next few days, so I probably won't want to do anything anyway.

May 24th

We flew to Auburn to meet Chris, Jackie and Randy and have breakfast at the Wings restaurant.

We flew back afterwards, and rearranged the hangar to fit Randy's gyro in next to mine.

I also got around to cleaning and re-oiling my air filter, which I've been meaning to do all week.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

May 23rd

We met at the airport, and Randy took a test flight in his gyro.  I was concerned about some residue I found on the fuel lines, but he's sprayed some air filter cleaner around, so it wasn't gas.

Chris came over in his RV-6A with his friend Tim, then we all headed to Oroville for lunch :o)

We were flying into a pretty stiff headwind by the time we got there, so my landing was pretty much at walking speed :o)

After lunch, we flew back and changed the rubbers on the crossover tube and the turbo inlet tube on Randy's gyro - now we just have the carbs to redo... the inlets and manifolds, and the diaphragms.