Monday, December 11, 2017

December 11th

My electric toothbrush has been getting slower and slower, so I decided to try and change the battery.  I got everything apart, and started putting it back together, only to (probably) burn something out on the little motherboard.  Meh.  I threw it away and ordered a new one.

I updated the EAA website with the latest newsletter, and finished up getting my old old Nexus reset to donate for an auction item.  My new old Nexus is now set up for the plane, and my Galaxy Tab is my every day fondleslab.

I had to go to the airport to sort out some tickets for Ken for the Xmas party, but they weren't bloody there :o(  I had thought about maybe flying, but there was just too much to organise before I could get the plane out, so I gave up and went home again.

December 9th

I started the day cooking breakfast for a bunch of people at the EAA hangar, and then went to move the van so Bob could get his Archer out.  I then got tangled up with Chris' new gyro - they've fixed a bunch of bent and broken mounts on it, but the engine sounds like there's something wrong with it.  Apparently it had just been rebuilt, so the thinking was that the problem is the gearbox, and that my spare E box would solve that.  Well, we took his gearbox apart, and there's metal in the oil, but it looks OK.  And the engine still doesn't turn over properly, even without it there.  So, that's buggered then.  I took the Flightstar out for a couple of circuits, then went home.

December 8th

Today was my Saturday, but I still got to work, as everybody was out this afternoon, and I'm on call for the weekend.  I did manage to get out and fly for a bit, which was nice :o)

Friday, December 8, 2017

December 6th

I sloped out of work for "lunch" to go to the EAA board meeting - my last :o)

December 3rd

We met Jen for lunch, and then I started work, covering APAC.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

December 2nd

I started the day at the airfield cooking breakfast for a bunch of EAA members.  Then Bob and I rearranged the hangar so his Archer is at the front of his side, then I got to move it slightly again so I could get the Flightstar out to do a couple of circuits.

When I got home, the new remote had showed up, so I spent a little time getting that set up.

December 1st

A new month, so here are the solar stats:
Power billed

Power generated

Today was my Saturday, but I still had to sign on to work for a little bit.  Yay.

I got my replacement smoke alarm from Nest, only it was a thermostat.  Bugger.  I called Nest, and they suggested somebody could call me back in the next 3 days, but I insisted until they said they'd ship me a new replacement today.  Yay.

I managed to get out to the airfield and take the plane out for a bit, then changed the spark plugs - I've found that the local Autozone stocks the solid tipped BR8ES plugs, which makes life easier.