Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 29th

We bought some dog food a couple of weeks back, and it had a bunch of maggots in it.  We know this now, because we spent the morning clearing out the pantry and throwing things away clearing them out.  We went out for a couple of shopping items, and I thought we'd drop in and tell Petsmart that they have a problem.  The manager was very "whatever" when I didn't have the receipt or the dog food, but I wasn't trying to get a refund, I was trying to tell them that they have a problem that they should look in to.  Whatever.

We went and looked at the Honda motorcycles, just so Vic could be sure that she didn't want one (she didn't), and then we went and looked at the electric Fiat 500.  We took it out for a test drive (in the rain), and I managed to spin the wheels up pulling away from a traffic light.  It's an interesting car, but I'm still wanting to look at the BMW i3 when that becomes available.

We stopped in at the Yamaha dealer to see what was going on with Vic's bike, and it had just been delivered.  It was sitting outside in the rain :o)  Jake, the sales dude, pulled it inside, and we wiped some of the rain off so Vic could coo over it.  We started doing the paperwork to finish off the purchase, but they didn't want to pay Visa 3% if I put it on my credit card, and I didn't have my cheque book with me.  Eh, we'll get it sorted out next week.

When we got home, Vic found the receipt for the dog food (it had a $5 coupon on it, so I'd given it to her), and we pulled the bags out of the bin, and she took it back to Petsmart.  She was showing the manager where we'd got the food from, and sure enough, the bags still on the shelf had maggots on them.  Apparently they're going to do something about it now.  They'd obviously ignored everything we'd said previously.  Still, she did give us a store credit for the cost of the dog food (as Vic declined to bring more bags home with her).

March 28th

I'd batted a few messages with a guy interested in the VStar, and he came and gave us $2000 for it, and took it away.  No hassle, yay :o)

Friday, March 28, 2014

March 27th

Been having fun trying to sell the VStar.  People are... annoying.  KBB (that well known work of fiction) says $1835 as a trade-in at a dealer, and $2720 for sale at that same dealer. So I thought $2250 sounded fair.

Them: Hey I'm contacting you about your bike on Craigslist. Is it still available? This is the exact bike I'm looking for but I'm real tight on price. I want to spend 6:42 PM
Them: 1900 cash on hand of course. Are you that flexible? 6:42 PM
Me: Sure, we could make that work, as long as it's hassle free :) When would you like to come and see it? 6:46 PM
Them: My brother and I will be sharing this bike so I need to talk to him before I make any commitments. I just had to get the price approved before I went to him. 6:48 PM
Them: Let me talk to him then I'll get back to you. 6:48 PM
Them: My brother want to spend that. Will you take 1550 tonight? 7:09 PM
Me: No, I'm sorry, $1900 would be the lowest 7:09 PM
Them: Doesn't want to spend that* 7:10 PM
Them: We really want this bike so can you do any better? Banks are closed but I can come by first thing tomorrow. 7:13 PM
Me: $1900 is a very good price for this bike based on the KBB values 7:22 PM
Them: I understand if you can't go any lower but we're on a very strict budget. Just let me know but I do have cash ready. 7:23 PM
Me: Wanted $2K from the bike, and was prepared to go to $1900 for no hassle. Look at the other VStars on CL, $1900 is a great price, but best of luck 7:34 PM
Them: It's not that I don't think it's worth it but I just have a budget. 7:37 PM
Me: Also have a budget. You started at $1900, which is a great price. $1550 is too low. Best of luck. 7:48 PM
Them: 15 is low but I just took a shot cause that's what my brother wanted it for. I know that I could convince him to spend 1800 if you could do that? 7:51 PM
Me: No. Wanted $2K. $1900 is low, and I thought that was a "no hassle" sale. 7:58 PM
Them: I understand. I'm up for 1900 and I'm trying to convince him. 8:01 PM
Me: Well, $1900 is as low as we'll go. If you get to that, let me know when you'd like to see it. Good luck. 8:10 PM
Them: Thanks. I'll let you know. 8:11 PM

Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 26th

No movement on the VStar - strangely, looking at the other ads for VStars, it looks like maybe I've priced it a bit low.  I have been asked if it's been in an accident or something, so who knows?

Anyways, we were going to get something for dinner, and saw this tornado :o)  It was interesting watching the clouds coming over at a few hundred feet at most :o)

March 25th

So the guy who was going to look at the VStar last night isn't coming over.  I'm deleting offers of trades for XBoxen and laptops (I don't need _more_ obsolete crap), and there are a couple of interested parties, so hopefully we can get something sorted out.  I'm looking forward to Vic getting her new bike home :o)

March 24th

In the morning, Vic washed her old VStar and took a couple of pictures so I could put it on the Craigslist.  There were a couple of interested parties, but the one who was supposed to be coming over in the evening called to say he was having problems with his truck, so he's going to call in the morning.

March 23rd

As we went to the SPCA Volunteer Appreciation lunch thingy, I spent the morning playing Warcraft.  Then went to the thingy.

In the afternoon, I put together this video, about Tilly hopefully learning to not counter surf.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 22nd

We went and met John for breakfast, then headed over to the Yamaha dealer so Vic could test ride the Bolt R Spec.  They only had the green one in stock, but it was nice to see what that looks like in the flesh.  She really enjoyed riding it, even though it's a bit different from her current 650.  Haggling ensued, and we agreed on a price, but we're going to sell the 650 privately, as we couldn't even get close on the trade-in.  So, when the 650's sold, we'll pick up the 950.

John and I went to the airfield, and went out for about 35 minutes - it was hellishly bumpy, so we cut that short and came home.  Once he'd headed off to Germany via San Francisco, we went over to the garden centre and bought a couple of plants and some pots to put them in.  Oh yes, the fun it never stops here :o)

March 21st

John's in town on business, so we went and met up for dinner.  And a fine time was had by all.

Friday, March 21, 2014

March 20th

Tilly's new padded harness arrived, so we tried a cycle around the block.  She still stares at me, rather than properly running, but at least this one shouldn't have her rubbing herself raw as she does it.

I managed to video her getting into her cookie jar (I don't fill it any more), so I put together this.

March 19th

We went to the EAA meeting, and Gwen joined us, to listen to Laura's talk about flying the U-2.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 18th

At lunchtime I went for a cycle, for the first time this year.  Not a "round the block with Tilly" cycle, a "~6 miles on the trails in Mahaney Park" cycle :o)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 17th

So, Cadillac are doing a deal where they'll send you a $100 prepaid card for taking a test drive, and I've been interested in the ELR for a while, so I filled in the form, and yesterday the dealer emailed me back.  At 11:17, I spoke to him, and he said, and I quote: "Come over and a salesman can take you for a test drive".  So, we went and got some brunch, then went over there, arriving at ~12:30.  A sales guy said they didn't have an ELR, and I pointed out that Gary had said they did not 90 minutes beforehand.  We stood around and waited for about 5 minutes, before I lost interest... we were getting into the Jeep when Gary came out and said they had one, but it hadn't been PDI'd, so I could look at it.  I pointed out I can look at it on the web site, and we went to Green Acres, where we bought some stuff for the garden.  I guess Cadillac are hoping to block Tesla sales so they don't have to compete.

In the evening, Gwen came over to drop off 2 broken computers that I'll look at when I get time - they've been broken for months, so there's no rush :o)

March 16th

We got going fairly early, and rode the bikes over to A&S so Vic could see the Bonneville and the Speedmaster.  Meh.  She also didn't see herself on a Diavel or a Nine T (just as well, as we can't afford one).  We went back to the Yamaha dealer to look at the Bolt again, but they didn't have an R Spec available for a test ride.

At home I player Warcraft for a while, then went to the airfield, where the camera seemed to work as well as it's going to - I knocked this up.

Friday, March 14, 2014

March 13th

Tilly and I have been using the Walkydog every night, but she's started to get a wear spot on her chest from the harness, so we just played ball in the garden this evening.

I've ordered her a padded harness, and interestingly because of her fat head and barrel chest, she's sized as XL :o)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 9th

The clocks went forward, so I spent a while changing as many as I can remember, while Tilly was overjoyed to get her breakfast an hour early.  We went to the local Harley dealer so Vic could see the 883 Iron, and I think it's in the running.  I was very impressed with their keyless security system, so I need to figure out how to make one for the DRZ :o)  We went home via the Rocklin Tesla dealer, where they had no customers so we spent over an hour looking at Model Ses.

At home, Tilly and I went around the block with the Walkydog, not particularly fast, but she didn't seem too upset by it.  In the evening we watched the newer Hunger Games movie, "Catching Fire", and enjoyed it.

March 8th

I've been talking about painting the bedroom for a while, so I started cleaning up and sealing the baseboards.  Stuff's all pulled away from the walls, so I'm tempted to get the walls painted before I push everything back so I can do the other walls.  As the forecast is for rain, I cut the grass for the first time in ages... it's been growing since the last rain storm.  In the evening we watched "The Family", which was pretty entertaining.

March 7th

I hooked Tilly up to the Walkydog and connected her to my bicycle, and we pottered up and down the road.  She wasn't really sure at first, but she seemed to get the hang of it.  Corners look like they might be fun though.

March 6th

So I've bought a Walkydog, the idea being that I can let Tilly run while I cycle next to her.  After setting it up, Vic walked Tilly, while I pushed my bicycle next to her, around the block.  When we got back to the house, Vic and Tilly ran next to me on the bike, and Tilly seemed to enjoy that.

March 5th

I went to the EAA chapter board meeting in the evening, via the airport so I could drop off some gas for the plane.  It was more full than I remembered leaving it, so I'll have enough to fill it up after next time I go flying.

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3rd

Finally got the power bill:
Power used
Power generated

March 2nd

Another rainy day here, so other than a Skype chat with Caroline, I played Warcraft and pottered around the house doing pretty much nothing.

In the evening, we watched "Carrie".  I kept wanting her to put on her purple "Hit Girl" outfit and start beating on people.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1st

We've been talking about replacing Vic's bike - basically because I hate it, and she doesn't really like it that much.  We went to the local Honda dealer, where she sat on the CTX700 and CTX700N, but was pretty "meh" about them.  We then went to the Yamaha dealer and she likes the Bolt R Spec a lot better.  I still have a few other options to look at, but I think we've probably decided on her next bike.  I had been trying to convince her she wants something like a KT600, but I think that's probably a bit too forward leaning for her.  Oh well.

While we were out, Tilly didn't try and get on the counter, so didn't trigger the empty cans.

February 28th

I set up a bunch of empty cans on the kitchen counter, and we went shopping.  Tilly spent the evening asleep in the bedroom, from what I could tell.

February 26th

As there is a storm inbound, we decided to sit in the hot tub while we still can - we've had an any problem (along with a bunch of other people, according to the guys at the spa shop - they're looking for water), and I've cleared that all up.  While we were relaxing, Tilly was on the counter, filling her fat little tummy with biscuits.