Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why am I doing this?

Well, for the last <mumble> years, I've had my blog on my own web page.  That's all well and good and everything, but my hosting provider managed to be down for >2 days, and their response was basically "oh, sorry" without any sign of "and this won't happen again because we're doing <x>".  Screw that.  I also find I turn my desktop on less during the summer (I only play Warcraft in the winter, when I can't fly as much), so I'm stuck trying to remember WTF I've been doing recently.  So I figured I'd use some of this cloud based nonsense to throw stuff down from wherever I am, whenever I feel like it - I've already moved my email to Gmail, so Blogger looked like the best idea.  Oh, and people can comment on my blog.  Here we gooooo....

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