Monday, October 21, 2013

October 20th

I ran around trying to spend money and failed.

I went to Best Buy and looked at the TV I've been thinking about, and while they match online prices, they don't match anybody who sells the TV for less than they do.  I'm thinking "unauthorised" dealers can sell the TV at a profit, but below the price that the manufacturer wants them to sell it.  And I'm not likely to pay Best Buy an extra $400 (plus tax, of course) for nothing.

I've been thinking about getting a new motorcycle jacket, as my old Scott jacket is ~20 years old.  Cycle Gear has the one I like, but not in my size.  They have as many as you'd like in XL though.  At least it saved me from having to choose what colour to get.

I went to the airfield and tinkered around with the plane, then went for an hour or so aloft.  When I got back, Jack and Danny were just arriving, so I stuck around to see Danny's new navigation lights, which are pretty bright, especially his landing light, which is a hand held LED torch duct taped to the frame :o)

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