Monday, January 20, 2014

January 19th

We got up and sent Vic's cousin Mark on his way to Napa to meet a friend for wine tasting, then packed Tilly into the van and headed to San Francisco to go to bURNING vAN 2014 at Ocean Beach.  There were probably 40 vans there at one time or another.  Tilly got to run and play in the sea until she was tired out, and we got to talk to people about vans - there was a lot of interest in the tie-dyed tent :o)

When the parents and I were at Ocean Beach last year, there was an old pug in a little red wagon being towed up and down the sidewalk by his owner - it looked like he had a back problem.  Well, good news, we saw him again, barking away because his owner was sitting and talking to some other people :o)

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