Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 26th

I had been planning to go to San Francisco for the tech summit, but I decided to postpone my trip until Monday morning to save a night in a hotel.

This gave me the time to take out the Chili Pepper Appliance under the sink in the bathroom - it pumps water from the hot feed into the cold feed until it starts to heat up, meaning you wait maybe a minute for hot water while this thing runs, rather than 3-4 minutes with water being wasted down the drain.  Anyways, it's started making a lot of noise, but not actually pumping anything.  I took it apart (it's already broken, what's the worst that could happen?) and everything looks fine - the motor spins freely enough, the valves aren't stuck etc.  At some point I'll put it all back together and try to test it to see what's wrong, give up and just buy another one.

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