Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 22nd

We went and met John for breakfast, then headed over to the Yamaha dealer so Vic could test ride the Bolt R Spec.  They only had the green one in stock, but it was nice to see what that looks like in the flesh.  She really enjoyed riding it, even though it's a bit different from her current 650.  Haggling ensued, and we agreed on a price, but we're going to sell the 650 privately, as we couldn't even get close on the trade-in.  So, when the 650's sold, we'll pick up the 950.

John and I went to the airfield, and went out for about 35 minutes - it was hellishly bumpy, so we cut that short and came home.  Once he'd headed off to Germany via San Francisco, we went over to the garden centre and bought a couple of plants and some pots to put them in.  Oh yes, the fun it never stops here :o)

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