Monday, June 16, 2014

June 14th

I started the day off in Warcraft for a while, then started playing around with another Raspberry Pi I've bought to tinker with.  The first 8GB SD card I started playing with wouldn't show up in any computer I have, so I'm pretty sure that's dead.  The next one wouldn't accept the RPi image (of course, I didn't realise that it hadn't worked until I tried to boot from it).  Finally a 4Gb card I'd had in an old tablet worked, and everything seems great.  I went to start playing with a little TFT screen, but sadly it needs some soldering, so I put that aside.

I started throwing some paint in the bedroom - I started on the baseboards that I've already prepared.  I also started on the doors - it's amazing how many whites there are, so it looks like they'll need several coats.

Gwen arrived and did some tidying in the critter room, until I managed to convince her that I can run the tumble dryer by myself :o)

In the evening, I played with soldering the TFT panel for the RPi.  Jeez, that was fiddly.

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