Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 28th

Today was Black Friday, when Americans remember how thankful they were yesterday by punching each other to save a few dollars off some plastic geegaw that they don't need.

We pottered around, getting stuff done, then took Tilly to the vet for her annual inspection.  She got a bunch of shots, and elected to get a baseline blood test done, as she's now entering what the vet calls "senior dog" status.  When we got home, she was feeling a little sorry for herself, and was a little bit swollen at one of her injection sites, so we let her cuddle up on the sofa and sleep that off.

I took a few hours to build (and rebuild, and rebuild) my new PC, and everything worked OK when I turned it on, other than one fan squeaking.  I've ended up taking that fan out, as it's not really that necessary, and I wanted to press ahead and get the thing working.

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