Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 27th

It wasn't as windy today, so I went to the airfield and installed new EGT probes on the plane - one of the old ones had stopped working.  I tested them with a lighter, only to find that both worked.  I discovered that it reads OK up to ~180F, and then goes back to 0.  Which is great, except the exhaust should be ~1100F.  When I wired the new probe in, I went red -> white, black to black and they didn't work.  Wiring black -> white and red -> black worked, and I have a feeling I've done this before.  By the time I was done, the wind was blowing directly across the runway (people were taking off and landing both ways, which also cheers me up no end), and I just wasn't feeling it, so I went home.

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