Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16th

Today was President's Day, when Americans celebrate their dead presidents by going shopping.

After playing Warcraft for a while, I pulled the van out of the way, and we built up doors for Vic's guinea pig extravaganza.  We also cut wood to replace some rotted and cracked parts on the fence, but we won't get to that for a while.

I wired up an emergency jumper battery to the Truckfridge, just to see how well it does.  It does well, and doesn't seem to suck too much power.  Now I just have to install it into the van.  Well, after taking out the old Dometic, of course.

Gwen came over in the evening and picked up a lot of the stuff I have left over from the changes in the garage, so that Walter can use it to make things and stuff.

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