Monday, June 1, 2015

May 31st

I started the day over at the airfield helping put the finishing touches to the hangar that the Tri-motor is being stored in.  While we were working, Richard was swapping text messages with the Tri-motor crew and it looked like it was going to be coming in today, rather than Monday.  When all was done, I went and managed to meet Vic and Jen for lunch.  When we got home, we watched "The Theory of Everything" and tooled around the house until Richard texted to say the plane was going to be in around 19:00.  As it got to ~18:00, we were just getting ready to head out when he texted to say it was going to be in around 19:50.  We went out to the airfield, and it finally showed up around 20:20 - just before it got dark.  Richard had driven up to Redding and ridden down in the co-pilot seat of the Tri-motor, the git :o)

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