Sunday, September 6, 2015

September 6th

We went out to get some supplies, and when we got home I changed the batteries in the ELT for the plane (the batteries needed replacing as of the end of August).  I pulled off all the bodywork on the bike to try and figure out where to put an RFID setup, and realised that my design wasn't going to work quite how I expected it to.  I'll have to do some tinkering, methinks.  Still, I did some soldering on the RFID setup I'll use, and most of that fits into a single box now.

I went to the airfield and took the plane out.  I wasn't getting anything like the rpms I wanted, so I repitched the prop to 0.025", and that made very little difference.  I took it to 0.033", and it was better, so I set it to 0.42", and left it at that as I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes by this point.  There were 3 powered parachutes playing around over by their landing circle, so hopefully that's a thing now.

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