Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 30th

Early in my work day, I realised I was cold, and that the central heating wasn't working.  Turning it on and off at the thermostat didn't change anything, but flipping the circuit breaker off and on again fixed it.  I think I'll look at cleaning up the contacts on the breaker box when it's warmer.  A lot warmer.  Apparently November has been ~2F colder than average.  Oh, and there's been less rain, too, despite El Nino.

I'd bought a Nest thermostat, as part of my "if it has an IP address, I want one" binge, and it arrived, so I installed it.  It's not markedly better than the old thermostat it replaces, but I can play with the temperature without getting out of my chair.

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