Saturday, October 1, 2016

October 1st

Another new month, so here are the power stats:
Power billed

Power generated

I got up early and headed to the airport, where I threw in an hour and 20 minutes' circuits before putting the plane away and meeting Jim at the EAA hangar.  While we have the lift, we took the EAA letters off the outside wall and installed some LED strips I've had for this very purpose for months.  Obviously it's daylight so you can't see that they're lit up, but flipping them on and off again means you can just about see that they're now lit.  We're hoping to surprise Ron, the president, on Wednesday at the board meeting :o)

I went over to the Norcal Flight Centre and picked up the CHT probes I'd ordered (obviously the CHT has been fine the last few weeks, but whatever).  I then stripped the top off the air shroud and replaced the probes and the spark plugs (it's been 50 hours since they were last done).  I put everything back together, but couldn't be bothered to take the plane out again, as I was pretty damned tired, so I went home.

After tiring Tilly out, I played with the HTPC - I had to reinstall WMC after the Windows 10 Anniversary build was installed, and it's almost unwatchable.  I think it's something to do with the now obsolete Playready DRM, so I've stepped back to the previous build that still has it, run through all the setup again and we'll see if that fixes it for good.  I've also disabled the Windows Update process, so hopefully we won't be in this situation again.  Time to take another look at Kodi, I guess.

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