Thursday, November 24, 2016

November 24th

Today was Thanksgiving, so we didn't have to go to work.  I played Warcraft for a long time in the morning, as Tilly doesn't know the difference between work and Warcraft, and I figured she'd dug me out of bed (so she could lie in the warm bit) because she was worried I was going to be late.

We went out and paid somebody to make us lunch, then I went over to the airfield to take the plane out.  I've been thinking that the airspeed indicator is over reading, and I reckon it's a static pressure thing.  I tried a short line, but that was terrible, so I put the longer line up one of the wing struts.  It seemed to be pretty much perfect for a while, then I get the feeling that it's over reading again, so I think it's shifted.  I'm thinking I'll try putting a stiff wire up the middle of it next, but I think I'm making progress.  If it was under reading a bit, I don't think I'd care nearly as much.  Anyway, it was cold, so the plane flew great with just me in it, and I only saw 2 other aircraft moving the whole time I was there.

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