Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4th

Today was a holiday, when Americans celebrate Brexit 1776 by going shopping.

My day started with a phone call from a customer at 07:25 because he didn't understand something he'd been told by a cow-orker.  He's in Canada, and somehow isn't aware of Independence Day, yet I'm aware of Canada Day being on the 3rd this year due to the holiday itself being on a Saturday.

I got a new flapper valve thing for the toilet, and put that all together the way the picture showed, but that caused a massive leak.  It seems there's another gasket that you need, that isn't included in the flapper valve kit.  Vic went and got one of those while I cleaned everything up and to it all apart again.  We had a couple of goes getting it all together again, but it was still leaking, so we left it.

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