Sunday, November 19, 2017

November 18th

I started the day going over to the airport to meet Dennis to sell him one of my old Rotax 503s.  I preflighted the Flightstar, then found one of the hangar doors is totally jammed, so I can't get the damned plane out.  When Dennis arrived, we loaded the engine up in his car, and then he and his friend Jerry went for experience flights with Ken in the gyroplane.

I bailed out and went home to get ready, then met Russ in Sacramento to go and see Guns and Roses at the Golden 1 stadium.  I'd like to thank the Sacramento taxpayers for building a new stadium for the billionaire Maloof brothers' basketball team, as it's actually a pretty nice arena.  There wasn't a backup band, so they started at 20:00 and finished shortly before midnight!

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