Sunday, February 25, 2018

February 24th

I went to the airport and cooked lunch before the presentation, which was a lot better than the last time the guy gave it - he was talking about a crash he had, totally unprepared, in the winter in Idaho.  Last time I got the impression "shit happens", rather than this time when he actually seems to have realised that he made a series of bad decisions that lead to the crash, and last time he thanked his god rather than the 150+ people who risked their lives to save him and his family.

I had intended to fly the gyroplane with Ken, but he's had some insurance weirdness (he's suddenly been told he's not covered for commercial use), so that went out the window.  With Cherish (airport bunny)'s help I changed the grips on the joystick, then we went for a couple of pretty bumpy circuits.  Luckily my landings were OK :o)

In the evening Vic and I watched "A Monster Calls".

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