Monday, March 12, 2018

March 10th

I'd said I was going to convert Tilly to daylight savings a day early, as she'd had her supper early yesterday, so I fed her at 7am then went out to install the dash back in the van.  When I started the engine to check the tach worked, Vic assumed I was going to the airport and got up and fed Tilly.  Again.

I spent some time finishing pressure washing the drive.

Some D-sub-9 connectors I'd ordered showed up, so I wired one of those up for a digital altimeter I've picked up, and made sure it worked.

I went to the airport to try and catch Ken to sort out my biennial flight review, but he wasn't there, so I dropped off the altimeter and headed home again to change the few clocks that don't use NTP.

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