Monday, October 10, 2022

October 9th

There'd been a note on the hangar door talking about an inspection by the city, and cut locks if the hangar was locked.  They said 72 hours from 10/6 at 12:23, so we got there early and tidied up, putting all the empty gas cans and suchlike in the van and Randy's truck, then left the hangar open and went for a flight around Beale Air Force Base.

As usual we dropped off ADS-B when we got to the part of the map labelled "here be dragons."

Back at the hangar, no sign of inspectors, and Chris showed up.  We left the hangar open and went to lunch.  When we got back, no sign of inspectors, but Marty in the hangar next door said "tomorrow," so Randy'll deal with it as he's off.

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