Tuesday, March 7, 2023

March 6th

We had a "Wellness Day" at work.  Well, most people had it on Friday, but I get it the following Monday so whoever's on call doesn't have to worry about support from 14:00 when the guys on the East Coast leave.

I got up early and went to get the 30,000 service (an inspection and a wheel rotation) done on the car, then went home for a nap.  On the way home, I stopped and picked up some envelopes to post the taxes (state is $20 online with the software we use, federal is free.)  When you put in your phone number at the checkout for whatever discounts, you'll get these coupons to correct your buying.  Anyway, I got a coupon for gourmet, French style whipped creme.  We buy the whipped cream for Tilly.

After my nap, I went and posted our state taxes.  Sadly I couldn't charge the car while waiting to get to the counter as the Chargepoint charger was down.  Again.

At home, I pulled the door of the van apart to try and figure out why the central locking wasn't working.  Then I pulled the dashboard apart and couldn't get the fuse for the controller out.  All the force I put into it seems to have made it work again, so it's probably corrosion and I'll need to look at it harder at some point, but for now that's fixed.

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