Monday, April 24, 2023

April 23rd

I started the day at the airport early, getting the remaining vacuum lines replaced on the plane, and only had a few safety wires to do when everybody else arrived for the flight to Oroville for the FBO opening.  I flew with Chris in the RV, Shane took his wife's ex-boss' husband and we finally managed to get Randy Sharp to fly with Don in the front seat of the gyro :o)

We had several adventured getting on the ground because it was busy :o)

After several hours in the sun, we headed back to Lincoln, getting there with enough time to finish my safety wiring before everybody else got there.

When everybody else had landed, and most were looking at the Cessna 421 that Randy's been working on for ages, I took the plane up for a quick circuit.

Everything seems better now, so I'll try and get out in the week to put a few more circuits in and test everything.

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