Wednesday, December 6, 2023

December 5th

We talked to the vet about Tilly's test results - it sounds like she has Cushing's disease and is unlikely to make it past her 18th or 20th birthday.

We've pretty much agreed that this isn't something we're going to stress about yet, as other than maybe drinking more (and a lot of that ends up on the floor, so who really knows?) she's not showing any of the standard symptoms... her appetite isn't great, her lethargy is probably because she's 16 (and almost 4 months,) her hair's looking fine and she definitely doesn't look bloated.  She also doesn't have thin skin or other skin problems or bladder infections.

Basically it seems that nobody realised how many dogs are getting this because it just looks like old age a lot of the time, and she is so very, very old.

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