Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 12th

I played with Tilly until she was too tired to play any more, then we took the motorcycles up to the Golden West Flyin - it's about 45 minutes away.  It didn't seem to be signposted off the freeway, which was weird, but after one U-turn, we got there.  It was a lot smaller than it's been in recent years, and I didn't get to see any of the stuff I wanted to see, but hey, we were there late.  We left at around the same time as the last of the planes flew out, and rode home a different way. 

When we got home, we kicked around for a little bit, then went over to Lincoln, so I could test the radio.  Sure enough, with the engine off, the radio works, but with the tach line from the regulator plugged in, it doesn't.  Stranger - I unplugged it at the regulator end, and that didn't fix it, it needed to be unplugged at the EIS end too, which suggests that it's an interference problem to me.  I decided to look at this later, and we went and threw in a bunch of circuits.  I was pretty tired, and my landings weren't the greatest, but we did get to play with the climb out to see how hard we could climb.  ~900fpm, but the best we could sustain was around 500fpm.  The jump plane took off at one point, using 33 rather than 15 like the rest of us, so we extended downwind and flew orbits to let him out.  That twin isn't cheap to run, and I didn't want him to have to wait for us to get out of his way as we were doing touch and goes.  Kent had arrived as we were leaving, but didn't get his Flightstar off the ground until we were packing ours away :o)

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