Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 6th

I got up horrifyingly early and took the van to the office.  Yay, my first time crossing the bridge with my FastTrak pass.  Um... why are the lines longer when you don't have to stop?  The other thing is that you still have to stop just the other side of the tolls for the filtering traffic lights, as people have obviously proven to be unable to merge by themselves.  Doy.  As it's $54 a night to park at the hotel (and no, I'm not sleeping in the van - that's on top of the room rate), I'm leaving the van in the parking lot by the office.  I figure I was going to walk to and from the hotel anyway (it's under a mile), so a couple of trips carrying my bag aren't going to kill me.  I also get to live on Coke and chocolate for a week, but I'm planning breakfast at McDonalds at least once, as I'll be walking past there anyway.  Maybe just to remind me why I don't eat there that often.

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