Monday, December 19, 2011

December 18th

We got up appallingly early and headed down to Ed Levin so Vic could go hang gliding.  There was pretty much nobody there when we arrived, so we ran Tilly for a while to get some of her energy out of her.  I dropped Vic off at the 600', and was wandering back to the Jeep when her instructor, Rich, showed up.  He'd seen her flight, and gave her another of her spot landings.  The next 600' launch gave her the last of the landings she needed, so now she just needs to pass the written test to have her Hang 3 certificate.

We loaded the Jeep with Vic, Don (Rich's other student), Rich and 2 gliders, and they drove up to the top launch while Tilly and I sat around and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  There were a lot of people up there, so we watched gliders, tandem gliders and paragliders launch until eventually Don and then Vic launched.  When everybody had done the chatting and congratulating (it was Don's first flight from the 1750' launch), we packed up and headed home.

We skimmed through the pictures (many) and video from the day, and I'm impressed at how well the camera works - you can read the logo on the harness from a fair distance away, for example.  We also took pictures of Tilly wearing a Santa hat, as she was too tired to put up much of a fight :o)


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