Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 4th

I started the day playing Warcraft while ripping CDs - talking to Andy has made me realise that there's a lot o' stuff I don't have on MP3s.  I did one of 8 drawers full of CDs before going out and clearing the leaves on the patio.

I went to Autozone and had them test the house battery from the van, and it's OK, just in a low state of charge.  When I went to pick Mum and Dad up, the stereo had lost all its settings, but the battery seemed to charge OK (at least, I could listen to the stereo).  When we went camping, after a ~3 hour drive, the battery was on charge for about a day.  I reckon it went flat sitting for so long, and the extra amperage has damage the 30A charge relay somehow.  I changed the relay (I'll test the old one sometime) and put everything back together.

John's in town, and crashing with us.  When he showed up, we went over to Gwen's for dinner, as a belated Thanksgiving thing :o)

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