Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 6th

After doing a few daily quests in Warcraft, we went out and bought some bits and pieces at the Home Despot for the drain we're going to put in the garden where it floods.  Now we just need to order rocks for the soakaway part.

While we were there, I bought some clear sealant so I could fix the little leak in the shower - basically the sealant that was originally installed has failed, and it's been leaking and growing mould for a while now.  I cut out the crappy sealant and resquirted new stuff.  We'll see how well that works.

We watched the ho hum MotoGP race from Estoril, then watched the Moto2 race for some more entertainment.

I did some more painting - brushing up complicated bits more than anything.  I'm starting to think I can move some of the tins into the garage, as those colours are finished with.  Luckily I've thrown out the old colours that we no longer have, so I've got space for them.

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