Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 13th

I figured that this weekend's for trying to get done some tasks that have been hanging around for a while, so I got the fridge back in the van, only to discover that the stereo's stopped working.  It's unrelated - I think it's a battery problem, as the auxiliary battery is below 12 volts.  Of course, I swapped in the CD changer that will one day, maybe, get into the Jeep (I need to figure out where to put it) and that didn't work either, so I'm pretty sure that the problem's not the stereo itself.  Hopefully some time on charge will fix that.

I cut some polycarbonate sheet into blocks to (hopefully) make the case for the Raspberry Pi.  Of course, then I got paged for work, and spent some time looking into a problem at a customer site.

I spent some quality time trying to cover the filler on the Wallace and Gromit kit.  I've put many layers of paint over it with the airbrush, but it's almost like it sucks up paint.  We'll see how awful it looks when it's dried.

In the evening, we watched the new Snow White movie, where, as expected, the CGI out-acted Kristen Stewart.

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