Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 2nd

Dad brought me over a Raspberry Pi, so I started playing with it.  Hooked up to a USB charger and keyboard, and an HDMI link into a monitor, I tried booting it up from an 8GB SD card I'd installed Wheezy on.  Now, the documentation shows that Wheezy is designed for a 4Gb card, so I'd expanded that to fill the card, which seemed like a good idea until the thing couldn't build a swap partition.  Doh.

I rebuilt the card (formatting it in my camera, as Windows only sees the ~60Mb boot partition), and didn't expand it.  I figured I'd expand it once I'd got the thing running.  One of the options in the first boot script is to expand the root partition to fill the card.  Doy.  I did that (it took ages on the ARM processor), then remounted the card on my Linux box to copy the WiFi card drivers and suchlike to it.  It then threw a card error when rebooting in the Pi.  Doy.  I assumed that this was due to Ubuntu's odd thing where it doesn't sync the card when you write to it, but when it bloody well feels like it.

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