Monday, January 14, 2013

January 12th

I started the day by breaking the little doohickey that holds the pantry door shut - basically it's been wearing for years, and finally gave up the ghost.  I then wasted some time playing Warcraft, at least until it warmed up a little.  A little.  It was still bloody cold when I went out in the garage and removed the wiring loom for the old cruise control, and discovered a small oil leak from a split valve cover breather.  Oh, and pulled a brake light wire (for the high level light) out of its bullet connector.  I couldn't immediately see how to install the cruise control, so I gave up, as I was shivering by then.

We made plans to meet Vince for a late lunch,, and were heading out to get some supplies when the postie showed up with the crank for the plane's engine.  I signed for that, then we went and got the breather hose and a new doohickey for the pantry door, then met Vince.  He had some running around to do, so we went to the Apple store and finished off my gift card with a pair of earbuds and a Lightning to MicroUSB adapter (well, there's 38c left), then went home and gave Vince the crank, along with the pistons that had arrived earlier in the week.

We spent the rest of the day playing with computers - I got my warlock up to level 87, and made Vic a mechanical dragonling, and then when she was playing we got together all the parts we needed for jewelled onyx panther.

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