Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 20th

While Vic toiled in the garden, I sat down and did the wiring for the cruise control in the van.  GoWesty do a kit where they have a microswitch on the front brake, rather than using the brake light power, and I thought that sounded like a good idea, so I've made a microswitch hangar.  The trouble is that they use holes that already exist that don't exist on my van.  I tried a couple of times to drill a hole where I need it (right by the steering column) and gave up.  I've just wired the thing up to the brake light wire - I was going to set that up with a diode as a failsafe anyway (for if my switch jams for whatever reason), so I might revisit that when it's warmer.

I took the van out for a test drive, and while I can hear the motor doing something, it doesn't seem to work.  I _think_ there's too much slack in the cable, but there's a whole section on troubleshooting the wiring that I want to run through before I get all excited.

In the evening we watched "Dredd", and I thought it was excellent - much better than the Stallone version.  There's even a Vanagon - in a car chase, of all things.

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