Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 10th

I replaced the surge protector I use in the office with a new one that includes a couple of USB ports - this means that I don't need the USB charger plugged in all the time to run the Pi.  I'm hoping this means that Tilly's less likely to knock it out when she crashes through the underdesk area.  Strangely this one uses just the top plug, rather than both of them, and this is a switched socket.  So I rewired the socket so that the bottom one ran from the switch, which now has no function, and the top one is always powered.  "Aha", I thought, I might be able to do away with one of my power strips, but the wall warts still block the socket next to them, so the'll have to stay on that power strip (they're 7v and 12v, so I can't just run the devices on USB power).  For some reason the weather station monitoring didn't start up properly (I'm thinking it might be because I started the Pi before I plugged in the weather station console), but I fixed that by just rebooting the Pi.

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