Friday, July 19, 2013

July 17th

I was aiming to go to the EAA member meeting after we'd been to the vet with Aidan, but that took hours - they had a couple of emergencies while we were there, and ended up closing around us.  Still, I got to ride the DRZ with it's new tyres.  It feels a little skittish, but I'm blaming that on the release compound on them - they should be fine once they're worn in a little more.  I pulled up at a traffic light on the way home, and a Hardley Dangerous pulled up next to me.  I nodded to him, and he did the theatrical "look away" thing that a lot of these pricks do.  So I felt no compunction in blowing him into the weeds (on my dirt bike (o:) when he gunned it when the lights changed.

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