Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 25th

Vic went to put some gas in the Jeep, and came back with the check engine light on.  It seems that the gas cap was open, too - so likely somebody had been trying to siphon gas at her work (it's unlikely that they'd try when it's in our garage when the DRZ is right next to the cans.  The light didn't reset when we went to get the van (it can take a while, from what I've read), so she took the bike to work.  That meant I got to fire up Torque on my tablet to interrogate the ECU to see what the problem was - P0440 - General Evap System Failure means I'm calling it the gas cap, even though there's a fault (P0457) just for that.  I reset the error, and we'll see if it comes on again.

In the evening, Gwen came over to pick up an old window air conditioner that's been sitting in the garage for years, and we went and got some dinner.

The sliding door on the van is playing up, so I took the panel off and found it's the rod that connects the handle to the rear latch.  I don't know why it got stuck, but it's working fine now.  I'm not going to put it back together, as I want to get some stuff to play around in there.

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