Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 14th

The "key in" alarm buzzer on the van has been causing me problems - I use it as a safety switch for the alarm, so you can't arm the alarm and immobilise the van while you're driving it.  It's been thinking that the key is in, even when it isn't, which means that the remote locking doesn't work.  Bugger.  I bought a new ignition switch, and decided to look at the current one and see if it'd help.  The offending (gray and black) wire comes out of the switch, but I still have no idea how it works.  I pulled the steering wheel, switchgear and suchlike to get to the ignition switch, and it was then a fairly simple replacement.  Putting it all back together was a little more challenging, but it's all back together, and the switch now works correctly.  Yay.

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