Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 7th

It's been bloody cold here:

so I spent the morning playing Warcraft, then went and borrowed Jim's tall ladder and took the light fitting on the kitchen ceiling apart.

Tilly and I went to the vet, where she passed her annual inspection, then when we got home, I bypassed the ballast in the light fitting and installed 2 LED fittings.  They're maybe a little less bright than the fluorescent tubes that were in there - interestingly they all have black bars on them, meaning that they probably weren't long for this earth.  I tested them in the garage, and they all flicker.  Anyways, now we're using 38W in the kitchen light rather than 128W.  They're an experiment for the moment - when less harsh LED strips arrive, I'll put those in the kitchen and move these somewhere else.

After meeting Vic for lunch, I went and did a little work on the van - in my usual "break one thing while fixing something else", I managed to tear the velcro strips off the roof removing the skylight mosquito net while replacing the cracking skylight.  But at least I don't have to worry about the skylight leaking for another few years.

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