Friday, April 18, 2014

April 17th

Once it had warmed up, I went over to the airfield to work on the plane - sadly with all the ideas I'd had about fitting stuff, it didn't work out how I'd intended, but I've fitted the LED navigation lights (I had thought about adding 2 strobes, but there isn't any space for them at the end of the wing).  I figured out how to mount them, made the bracketry up for the left wing, then tried to push my spare cable inner wire down the tube, to pull the electrical wire.  It kept hitting mounts inside the tube, and I was trying to figure out how I could run the wire inside the wing instead.  That wasn't going to work, so I worked on straightening my cable, with a little bend at the end, and that eventually went in.  I pulled the wire through without any problems, and soldered everything up at the wing end.  I cut the zip ties for the side cover, and got the switched 12V power line for the strobes sorted out, and soldered the resistor to the end of the (3V) strobe line.  Testing it, it worked just fine, so I moved on to the right wing.  I got the bracketry sorted for the end all sorted out, pushed the cable down (first time!) but then had the electrical wire catch several times and come unhooked.  I eventually got that sorted out, and soldered everything up, but I was having trouble getting the earth connection for both wires in the connector, so I soldered them together, making it that bit easier.  Everything works, so I put everything back together and headed home.

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