Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 3rd

I spent a little time removing the hot water pump in the bathroom, so I can send it back to be fixed... it seems to have a problem with one of the circuit boards, and I'm just done dealing with it.

I started out trying to install a 2 DIN JVC stereo that John gave us in the Jeep.  I took the old Sony out, only to find that I needed an adapter, as there's no surround to connect the cage.  I put the Sony back in.  We went to lunch and stopped at Frys to pick the adapter kit up.  When we got back, I installed the adapter on the JVC, and took the Sony out again.  I then took the CANBUS adapter off the Sony, cut the wires and soldered that to the JVC loom, then went to install it in the Jeep to find that there are a couple of brackets that make this impossible.  I'm not the first to find this, so it looked like I'd be doing some cutting in there.  Joy.

After a bit of concentration, I figured out how to remove the mounting bracket at the back, and jam the stereo under the plastic bracket, without any cutting.  With Vic's help, we managed to get everything plugged in and mounted.  Yay us.  It even works how it's supposed to :o)

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