Friday, May 9, 2014

May 8th

I've been battling with the Campaign Against Aviation about my medical, and they've finally started listening.  I need to send them a letter explaining how I fly (really?), so we went to the airfield to take pictures of the modifications to the Flightstar.  Hopefully I can get that sent to my doctor tomorrow, and he can send it on to them so we can argue about it next week.

On the way back from Lincoln, we stopped at Lowe's to look for some rubber cone grommets that fit on the hose into the tap in the bathroom - it's started leaking.  Home Depot didn't have anything last time I checked, and Lowe's at least have them on their website.  The Lincoln store said they'd stopped stocking them about 3 months ago, and on the drive to the Roseville store, I looked them up on my phone.  They couldn't find any, and the search for the part number was fruitless.  At ACE Hardware, we found them, so I bought enough to replace every one in the house and still have spares.

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