Friday, January 16, 2015

January 16th

The new fan for Vic's laptop finally came in (I've had to cancel one after waiting for a month...), so I sat down and took all the screws out to take the bottom off the case.  It's then a clip together design, which isn't really supposed to be taken apart.  I managed to get a corner open, and was working my way down the side when my screwdriver dropped in to the case :o(  I popped a few more of the clips, and then managed to crack the case at the corner, which was the point where I said "f*ck this" and stripped the memory and WiFi card (already had the hard drive and DVD-RW drive out) before throwing it in the bin.  FML.

Gwen came over and picked Tilly up, so they can throw the ball for her, for a change of pace.

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