Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 1st

Merry New Year!

Wasted the day playing Warcraft, as it's cold, and the Flightstar is awaiting its annual inspection.

Here's the solar stuff:
Power billed

Power generated

It's interesting - I'm always looking at electric cars, as I find the technology interesting.  I've recently been looking at used cars, as the autopilot and AWD on the latest 85KWh Tesla Model S has resulted in a bunch of people looking to upgrade their Model S, driving down the used prices somewhat.  I'm finding it funny looking at the used prices of other electric vehicles... there are a bunch of idiots who obviously have no idea how the free market works.  There are people selling the remaining lease on their Ford Focus electrics, at $400 a month, plus a lump sum payment to them - this is missing the fact that you can get your own brand new lease for ~$200 a month, with a lump sum payment.  There are also people trying to sell 3 year old Chevy Volts with a salvage title (so it's been in an expensive accident) for ~$20,000, which is OK until you remember that they're ~$30,000 new, with a $9,000 rebate ($7,500 from the Federal government, $1,500 from California).  I find it funny when people think "I paid $35,000 plus tax and registration for this, drove it for 36,000 miles and got $9,000 back, it must be worth close to what I paid for it".  For the longest time I've been seeing nearly new cars advertised for almost what a new car goes for, as if they're forgetting that only the first purchaser can get the rebates, even if the original purchaser didn't apply for them.  And there seem to be laws about keeping a car for a certain time for people who've taken the California credit (at least, a 2 year lease doesn't qualify for it, but a 3 year lease does).  It's almost like these sellers are forgetting that electric car shoppers tend to be better informed about what they're buying than the average car shopper, who often seems to just want a silver car :o)

In the evening, we watched "Jack Reacher", which was actually pretty good.

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