Friday, December 30, 2016

December 27th

The guys came over to start replacing the fence to the West.  I pulled stuff out of the way and left them to it, but it meant that Tilly had to go out with me, on a lead.  She's interested in everything that's going on, but thankfully doesn't feel the need to bark at everything.

In the evening, I went out in the van to get some stuff, but it started making weird noises from the front end.  I pulled over when it sounded like I had a flat tyre, but everything looks OK.  I then limped home with a light squealing when I turned the wheel at all.  Wheel bearings?  Dunno - I'll have to wait for time to look at it when it's not too cold.  I did get out and check the temperature of the wheels and brakes, and there's nothing untoward there.  I took the Jeep instead.

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