Sunday, June 18, 2017

June 17th

I got up stupid early and headed to the airfield to fly before it got hot.  It was a bit windy at height - I thought the airspeed indicator was playing up when I was seeing 33mph ground speed and 58mph airspeed.  Turning around, I saw 60mph airspeed and 85mph ground speed.  Dicking around, I got my ground speed down to 18mph at one point.  When I got back to the airfield, people were still landing on 15 despite the ~10-15mpg wind from the North, so I landed with the traffic.  While I was putting the plane away, I saw a go-around, and that seemed to break everyone of using the downwind runway, so they moved to 33.  Doy.

There had been a plan to have a Vanagon meetup at Folsom Lake, but the water level is too high (yay!), so we'd talked about meeting up at a local coffee shop.   We loaded Tilly into the van and headed over there, about an hour late.  There was nobody there, so after letting Tilly adventure around for a while, we went home.  There were a bunch of people who did the same thing, so maybe we need to organise better next time :o)

I headed back to the airport to see the end of the LRAA annual meeting, then look at Bruce's iPad displaying on the projector.  We decided that the problems he's been having are due to the Lightning to HDMI adapter, so he went and replaced that.  A text from him later said it was working with his TV just fine.

In the evening we watched "The Accountant".

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