Sunday, August 13, 2017

August 12th

I started the day at the airport cooking breakfasts before a talk on online flight planning.

When I got home, we moved the fish tank into the front room, and I spent some time on the EAA web site.

It's Tilly's birthday, so she got a couple of her favourite cookies.

When the postie finally arrived, they brought the operating limitations for the Flightstar, so I went out to the airport, put (raw, no more premix) gas in the plane and took it out for the first flight.  It accelerates and climbs great - usually I'm at 600' (ultralight pattern height) by the end of the runway, but I was there about half way down the runway now, and the VSI showed 800-900' per minute, despite the almost 3,000' density altitude.  Great!  Not so great was the overly high EGT on one cylinder.  I did a couple of circuits and put it away - I'll look at swapping the sensors in case it's a sensor problem.

When I got home, the postie had been again and left the water tank for the fridge, so I got that installed and now we have water and ice in the fridge again.

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