Saturday, September 29, 2018

September 29th

I went over to the airfield and pulled the plane's instrument panel apart again, so I could solder in the ADS-B out connection to the right wire (I wasn't sure which one I'd needed, so I'd soldered wire to both pins on the serial connector).  Having got that done, I went for a short flight, then requested the FAA performance report.  It works, but it's an older version of the link protocol, so it won't work for the controlled airspace requirement.  Still, it's cost me ~$50, rather than the >$1200 a compliant system'll end up costing me.  For the moment, I'm going to leave it and see what happens after the rule comes in to effect in 2020.  It's not like I fly in controlled airspace anyway (I don't have the endorsement for that yet).

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