Monday, September 3, 2018

September 2nd

We went out and got breakfast, then went to the BMW dealer and took a used i3 for a test drive - we've talked about getting one to replace the Jeep, and I wanted to see the intelligent cruise control, which is, indeed, intelligent.  Vic wasn't used to the one pedal driving (lift off the throttle completely, and it'll start regenerative braking), but we're sure that's something she'd get used to - assuming she doesn't use the cruise control to get everywhere :o)  Interestingly the Tesla has profiles for drivers, so we could turn that off for her, and on for me.

In the afternoon I went out to the airport and took the Magni out again.  I wandered around over by Camp Far West Lake, and the lake seems to be pretty low at the moment, as do the rivers leading in to it.

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