Tuesday, January 22, 2019

January 21st

Today was Martin Luther King Jr Day, when Americans celebrate the civil rights pioneer by going shopping.

I had the day off, and it was a nice day, so I went to the airfield.  Chris was coming over from Cameron Park to see Ken, and we were going to lunch, so I got there a bit early thinking I'd fly before he got there.  I ended up a bit later than I'd hoped, so I was taxying out as he approached.  I did a couple of circuits, then toddled over to see the guys.  Chris was leaving his gyro for Ken to replace an EGT probe, so he jumped in the back with me and we flew to Auburn with Randy to meet Tony and Stacey for lunch.  When we got back to Lincoln, we puttered about talking Randy through planning a cross country, then we all headed home.

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